Announcements 2021-2022

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ATTENTION: Due to the Coronavirus outbreak, for the health safety of all, the courses that were scheduled for November and December, 2020 have been provisionally postponed until January, 2021. The Level II courses also have new dates. SEE the programs listed under COURSES for the current date changes.

Now you can order orthodontic products and instruments, Dr. Brown's Text book and the LBO cephalometric program on the new improved WEBSITE. Check it out at

2021-2022 marks the 17th season that Dr. Brown and his team of doctors have been presenting orthodontic seminars in Poland and due to popular demand, the Orthodontic Training Seminars will continue to be given in Warszawa at the Intercontinental Hotel or the Radison Collection.

The series of seminars that began September 28, 29 and 30, 2019 will provisionally finish Session 5 on January 14 - 16 2021 (thursday to Saturday) -- these dates are provisional due to the impact of the Corona Virus - we must stay safe. Check under COURSES.

In 2020, a NEW Orthodontic Training Seminars began October 9, 10, 11  2020. This series of 5 sessions of 3 days will continue in 2021 (check details under COURSES). 

In 2021, a NEW Orthodontic Training Seminars will normally begin (April 10, 11, 12 2021). This series of 5 sessions of 3 days will end in January, 2022 unless there are chnges due to the Corona virus. 

Because there are always 2 courses running during the same period, if one can not attend 1 session due to illness or a conflict in the schedule, then one can always make up the missed session with another group.

The Level II seminars will continue to be held regularly each year, and now they will now be held in Warszawa only. These have been very popular for the doctors because they are able to further their orthodontic education by learning new orthodontic technics and as well they can consult with Dr. Brown and his team for advice on their own personal cases. Level II is a complete 4 times 2-day program over 2 seasons. The program continues with session 1 in Warszawa March 6 & 7, 2021 (see complete program on "COURSES" page). 

For more information and the details on these courses, click above on COURSES.

For all members of the Larry Brown Orthodontic Club, substantial discounts are offered all year for all courses and for orthodontic products (especially for Student members). To join the Club, contact Rajmund Chmielewski:

Dr. Brown and his team also provide personal/private consultations. As these consults are very popular, an appointment must be made ahead of time. In Warszawa these will be at the Intercontinental Hotel: for details and dates, click on COURSES "Private Consultations" above.

This season, Dr. Izabela Pietruczuk will as well be available for consultation in Warsawa by appointment only. These will normally be held before or during the same weekend as the Orthodontic Training Seminars. Please click on COURSES above.

As a service to our doctors, all the orthodontic instruments and materials that are used with Dr. Brown's system of SWA treatments are now available through LBOrthodontics at very affordable prices:

The Art of Modern Orthodontics, the orthodontic textbook of Dr. Brown’s seminars (English Version), has been published and is available now at The French Version is now available as well. For all information on the courses, consult the website under courses.

The NEW Dr. Larry Brown Cephalometric Tracing and Analysis Program is available. Check it out at .

The Orthodontic Training Team includes : Mr. Rajmund Chmielewski, Dr. Marta Breczko, Dr. Izabela Pietruczuk, Dr. Weronika Wojciechowska, Dr. Larry Brown, Dr. Agata Czajka-Jakubowska (not pictured).