PRIVATE/PERSONAL CONSULTATIONS for doctors with Dr. Larry Brown or Dr. Izabela Pietruczuk: treatment plannings and problem solving

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Intercontinental Hotel, Warszawa

Personal consultations of Orthodontic Treatments in Warszawa

With Dr. Brown (always on Friday): September 28, 2018; November 23, 2018;  March 8, 2019 ; April 12, 2019 ; June 13, 2019 ;  December 5, 2019.

With Dr. Pietruczuk (always on the weekend): November 25, 2018; March 3, 2019; April 14, 2019; June 15, 2019.

Any doctor who has followed Dr. Larry Brown's Orthodontic Training Program is welcome to make an appointment for a 1/2 hour up to 2 hour appointment. The appointments are made on a first come basis and start at around 11:00 until 18:00. These must be booked ahead through the website  

Doctors can discuss their personal cases, either new cases or cases “in progress” and can benefit from Dr. Brown’s and Dr. Pietruczuk's years of experience using of the SWA (Straight Wire Appliance).

In order for the doctors to be able to give a correct diagnosis and proper coaching, the doctors are asked to bring a USB stick/Pen drive with the necessary facial photos (front and profile with natural lip position and smiling), photos of the 5 views of the study models, cephalometric x-ray and tracing, panoramic x-ray. If the photos are with brackets already in place, please provide the necessary written information as to what bracketing scheme was used, and the wires or other types of appliances that are in place at the time of the photos. It is to your benefit to have your photos organized in order to avoid lost time in trying to find them at the last minute.

It is a good idea to provide a written description (preferably in English) of the important findings of each case, a general “Global Treatment Plan” and to provide a more detailed month by month Treatment Plan. This exercise is important for the education of the doctor. 

Translation by Rajmund Chmielewski is avaiable on request.

The price is 55€ per 1/2 hour plus VAT. For translation form Polish to English there is a additional fee of 10€. 





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